Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Welcome to the official web-site of Ministry Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Department General for Consular Issues
On this page, you will be able to apply for visa to travel to Ukraine.
In order to do so, you have to fill-in online application form and schedule your application submission to the Embassy, Visa Application Center or Consular divisions within International Airport in Ukraine.
Before registering, you have to check whether you need visa to travel to Ukraine or transit through its territory.
In this respect on the main page, you need to choose country of your citizenship and purpose of your visit form proposed lists.
After this procedure, you have to login into your account or create a new one.
The application form could be submitted by you in 3 months prior to traveling.
For submitting an application form you need:
1. Create an account;
2. Complete an application form;
3. Upload photo.
For applying visa, you have to pay consular fee. Please be noticed that in case of visa rejection, paid amount cannot be reimbursed.
Your cabinet
Here you will be able to create new application form and submit it to any consular institution or Visa Application Center (VAC) near you.
To create new account you have to mention:
- Your name, surname and e-mail;
- Choose your language for application form;
- Your password.
After «captcha» checking you have to click on register button – your account will be created and you will be able to fill in your application.
Submitting an application form
You can create a new application form in “Fil in an application form”. During filling in please, stick to the hints. In case you do not have all necessary information, you will be able to save draft application form and continue later. If you applied for visa earlier on the, please find the PDF file in the download folder of your browser. It will include all your previous application form information. You can change only necessary fields and upload this file in your cabinet. This will shorten your time and automatically fil in the application forma with the data from PDF file.
Fil in your application form sticking to the requirements and pop-up hints:
- All field have to fil in with Latin letters;
- Some fields require choosing from the information list or have an icon next to it;
- The fields for specific information like e-mail and etc., have to fil in in accordance with the requirements;
- The information from the application form has to coincide with the information from your passport;
- Uploading photo is obligatory for submitting your application form (JPG or JPEG formats);
After successful submitting, you will receive the letter to the mentioned during registration e-mail.
Submitted application forms
In the section “Submitted Application forms”, you are able to check status of your visa application form, print it out or, it its necessary, to cancel your application form. To cancel your application form you have to use “Cancellation service”.
In case you save draft application form, you are able to continue amending it.