Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Welcome to the website of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, where you can submit an electronic application for a visa to enter Ukraine and transit through its territory.
The website provides:
  • an automatic generation system application number;
  • setting (restore) the password to access the application;
  • application, editing, filing and cancellation of the application;
  • view the status of processing the application;
  • booking time for a visit to the applicant to provide the consular office needed for visa documents;
  • informing the applicant by email on the status of processing the application.
Besides choosing the website of proper options, you can get background information on the business hours of the consular office.
To ensure information security of applications from malicious attacks carried out:
  • identification of the applicant - the ability to access the application only after the systematic application number and password;
  • entry by an applicant of verification code ("captcha") which determines whether the user is human being or a computer robot.
Filling the visa application
Filling out the application is done in the "Fill in the visa application".
In order to determine the need for a visa, please select the country of citizenship and purpose of a visit. If the visa is not required, you will receive a notification system.
Defining consular office to which you plan to apply, you can view the schedule of the available submission date/time.
Rules of filling in visa application fields:
  • all fields of the electronic application form containing text, filled with only the Latin alphabet;
  • some fields filled by selecting from a list or selection marks next to the field;
  • fields that have a specific format, such as e-mail address, filled in accordance with the format;
  • photo is required for application. Required format photos - JPEG;
  • passport data should be introduced in strict compliance with the passport.
At the time of filling in each field seems to hint, in case of erroneous data entry - a message.
Inaccurate data or false information provided in the visa application may cause refusal to execute a visa to enter Ukraine.
If the application is delayed, the completed application can be saved as a draft. Continuation of the statement will be available in the "Edit visa application".
If you previously obtained visa through this web page, the browser downloads folder is automatically saved file in PDF, downloading reduces the time you fill a new declaration. Download PDF-file is executed after selecting "Download previous statement."
After completing the application and determine the time of the visit by clicking "Sign up" you will be signed on admission to the consular office. In your e-mail box you will receive a message confirming the registration.
Be sure to print completed application before you visit the consular office.

Be sure to record the systematic application number and password
in order to be able to monitor the status of your application processing and, if necessary, edit the application or re-appointment to the consular office.
Editing visa application
If the application is saved as a draft and has not yet been sent to the consular office, in the "Edit visa application" you can make the necessary changes to the application, define the visit, print and sign the application for admission.
If the application has already been submitted, it cannot edit, but you can see the application, review the information on the visit or define the rest of the stay and, if necessary, re-print application.
If you decide to cancel the application, please revoke it. Cancellation is done in the "Edit visa application".
Where the period, during which no application has been processed, more than 90 days, the application will be canceled automatically.
View the status of visa application
The process of obtaining a visa for your application can be tracked in the "Status design statement." Treatment application occurs in several steps. At the end of the next step of the application moves to the next stage, of which you will be informed by email. The final report will invite you to the consular office to get your visa.
Password recovery
In case you need to recover your password, provided in the option "Reset Password" where you should specify the application number and email address. To the provided address a new password will be sent, which you can use.