Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Welcome to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on registration of Ukrainian visa applications.
Here you can fill in your visa application form online and book a timeslot to submit your visa application to the relevant Ukrainian diplomatic mission abroad or Ukraine’s visa section at certain international airports, as well as find contact information on Ukrainian visa centers (if those are currently operating in the state where you intend to submit your documents).
Please consider the following when registering your visa application:
  • each application is registered under a unique system number, which is further used as login to access the application;
  • to access your application please enter your login (system application number) and password (to be defined by an applicant). To track your application status or edit your application please make sure you have your correct login and password at all times;
  • follow pop-up hints when filling in relevant application form lines;
  • every application can be saved as draft and accessed later;
  • if you have previously been issued with a Ukrainian visa through the website, you should have a relevant file in your browser’s downloads folder (in PDF format). You can upload that file to facilitate registration of your new visa application;
  • once you have successfully registered your application you should automatically receive confirmation to your provided email;
  • if you haven’t received a confirmation email your application was saved as draft and thus the registration wasn’t completed successfully (this may be caused by technical mistakes made while filling in the application form). In such cases we recommend applicants to access their application, check all information and edit it accordingly if needed;
  • please use the "Status of Application Form" service to track your application status.
Registering your visa application
To register your application use the "Fill in visa application" service and following pop-up hints please specify:
  • your current nationality or choose "Stateless person" if you are not recognized by any country as its national;
  • main purpose of your visit to Ukraine (please choose from one of the options provided by the website);
  • country you’re planning to submit your documents in as well as Ukraine’s diplomatic mission (if you intend to apply for your visa at Ukraine’s international airport, please choose “Ukraine”);
  • date and time when you intend to submit your visa application to the relevant Ukraine’s authority;
  • your preferred language for filling in your visa application form;
  • your surname (last name), name (given name), e-mail address, as well as your passport type and its series/number;
  • your password, then confirm your password and enter the “capcha” code.
  • Please read information on how your personal data will be processed and confirm you understand and agree to the procedure by clicking the "Fill in the application" button.
Filling in the application form
Please note that false information may lead to visa refusal and be a legitimate reason to deny entry to Ukraine upon an already granted valid visa.
Please fill in the application form paying attention to the following:
  • all application form lines calling for information in text format should be filled in with letters of the Latin alphabet only;
  • certain lines can only be filled in by selecting from the options provided by the website or selecting check boxes next to the lines;
  • lines calling for information in specific format (e.g. e-mail address) should be filled in according to the format requirements;
  • uploading your photo is mandatory for successful registration of your visa application (JPEG or JPG format only);
  • your personal data should comply with the data in your passport document.;
Password Recovery
If your passport is lost, you can reset it via the "Password Recovery" service by entering your login (system application number) and your email address (please use the email you provided when registering your application). New password is then sent to your email so that you could access and edit/fill in your visa application.
Cancelling your application
To cancel your application please use the "Cancellation" service. Please note that all applications which have not been processed for more than 90 days are automatically deleted from the system.